Presented in association with 2017 CAPACOA Conference

DATE:  November 18, 2017
: ALT Hotel  (185 Slater St, Ottawa)


8:50 to 10:50 am PRE-EVENT: Great Knowledge Café
2017 CAPACOA Conference Event
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10 to 11 am DASS17 Registration
11:15 to 11:45 am IN A GLASS DARKLY: Illuminating Value Assessment In The Arts
Keynote:  Catherine Moore
Those who work in arts organizations make value judgements all the time about things that are inherently inexact: works of art; managing artists; fickle audiences; shocking success. They are skilled at using a mix of instinct, experience, taste, and daring. The image “in a glass darkly” confirms the fact that those in the arts deeply know there is no such thing as unambiguous vision. Embracing multiple meaning is a skill that must be harnessed so that arts administrators will thrive in the ongoing environment of rapid change; pressure to make “perfect” decisions; and unprecedented competition. This keynote is about making decisions in that environment.
11:45 am to 12:30 pm KVETCHING THE COMMONS:
Mapping the missing links to the digital world

Kvetch (noun): a person who complains a great deal (verb): to complain.Let’s get it out. What keeps you up at night worrying about the digital world? What gaps (skills, knowledge, resources) are preventing you from fully embracing the digital world? What technologies, if any, still serve the arts services well? Which technologies only require a facelift? Which areas most require the design of new digital platforms from scratch? Throughout the day, participants will have the opportunity to anonymously add their thoughts to a collective “kvetch map”. During this session, an open discussion of the contributed kvetches will help bring the digital issues of the arts services sector out into the open air.
12:30 to 1:00 pm Lunch break and networking
1 to 1:45 pm NURTURING A VISION:
Research, prototyping, and partnerships for incubating new digital arts services initiatives

The days of simply building a website and calling it a digital initiative are long past. Today, digital projects take many forms from a human, governance, and technological perspective. This session will give an overview to the lifecycle of a digital arts services initiative, from articulating a vision, to launching and sustaining new digital infrastructure as a vital and sustainable service.What kind of mindset do you need to pursue digital initiatives? What are the road signs you should look for to see if you’re on the right track? What kind of help will you need, and where can you get it? Hear the perspectives of two digital arts service initiatives on these questions and more from their respective founders: Margaret Lam of BeMused Network, and Jessa Agilo of ArtsPond / Elemente.
1:45 to 2 pm Break and networking
Alternate business and technology practices for developing digital arts services initiatives

What does the next generation of digital arts services initiatives look like? Featuring Tammy Lee and Gregory Saumier-Finch, co-founders of Culture Creates, we will explore a range of topics from sustainable revenue streams and governance issues to intellectual property and more.
2:45 to 3 pm Break and networking
Navigating the knowns and unknowns

Everything is web and mobile these days, but what’s under the hood? How do you plan and manage a digital project? What are the considerations that go into ensuring a project stays within budget, and continue to sustain and grow its impact? This session will be a rapid-fire overview of everything from hiring tech talent, to scalability planning.Digital projects follow a predictable and iterative development cycle from defining the specs, development, deployment and operations. Knowing what to expect at a project management level will help you avoid the all-too-common issues of delayed deliverables and unexpected costs. Come with your most head-scratching questions, and we might just have an answer for you.
3:45 to 5 pm COMING TOGETHER:
Developing collective solutions for the digital world

A collective doesn’t have to be the entire arts sector. It could be your discipline, your colleagues, or your community. In all cases, the shared needs of multiple stakeholders could be addressed with a digital solution. In these facilitated breakout sessions, let us help you outline your digital initiative while exploring opportunities for greater collaboration between diverse individuals, organizations and platforms.