DASS co-founder Jessa Agilo was honoured this week to receive a coveted grant from Canada Council for the Arts’ Supporting Artistic Practice Program. The Canada Council’s generous funding will permit Jessa to undertake a two-year research project investigating emergent technologies relevant to the development of innovative digital arts services platforms.

Through the research and development of shared learning resources, the goal of this initiative is help strengthen the digital literacy and intelligence of emerging and established arts services leaders across Canada. Research topics include cloud computing and big data design and architecture; competitive intelligence, machine learning and deep learning analytics; open source and open data software licensing, intellectual property, legal incorporation structures, and more.

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About the featured image:  This image is derived from the first IBM large-scale electronic computer manufactured in quantity. The circuit board, thought to be a logic unit, is from a 701. The first was delivered to Los Alamos in March, 1953. It was known then as an IBM 701 Electronic Data Processing Machine. Original image via Grudnick on Flickr.

Two months to go!

The countdown begins with only two months to go until DASS17: Ottawa!  We are busy updating the website with detailed programming information so come back again soon for more information. We hope to see you in Ottawa and Toronto!