Visioning shared digital arts services for collective impact

ArtsPond and BeMused Network are delighted to present DASS17, the inaugural Digital Arts Services Symposium, in Ottawa (in association with 2017 CAPACOA Conference, November 18, 2017) and Toronto (in association with The Heliconian Club, November 30 & December 1, 2017).

The mandate of DASS17 is to help incite greater collaboration between arts and technology leaders in Canada, to strengthen the digital skills and intelligence of Canada’s diverse arts services sector, and to position Canada as a leader in the visioning of innovative new digital services purpose-built by, and for, the arts.

As a networking and professional development event seeking to empower positive change for collective impact across the industry, the objectives of DASS17 are to identify and respond to gaps in knowledge and resources that are preventing the arts services sector from capitalizing upon advances in the digital revolution.

In designing DASS17, we have been preoccupied with finding ways to encourage collective dialogue and discovery surrounding three guiding questions:

a) What skills and resources are Canadian arts services missing to be able to effectively envision innovative digital platforms for broad impact?

b) What business and legal structures are necessary to scale new Canadian digital arts services platforms in diverse communities?

c) What values and models will help the Canadian arts services sector sustain new, long-lasting collaborations in transitioning to digital?

Following quickly on the heels of the official launch of Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Strategy Fund, DASS17 strives to identify answers to these questions by fostering collective brainstorming alongside the presentation of inspired and practical workshops facilitated by leading industry professionals.

Come join us in Toronto and Ottawa if you are eager to take the plunge into incubating new digital solutions for the arts, or if you are looking for opportunities to learn what you need to know to begin capitalizing on the digital world.

We look forward to having you with us!

The DASS17 Team